Solar Energy

Today’s Resource for a Brighter Tomorrow
How much is your electric bill ?
Go Solar and…
We used the average national electricity rate of 13.3 cents (August 2019) to convert your monthly bill into annual kilowatt-hours,and from there we used information from to estimate your carbon footprint. The number of trees planted per year assumes a seedling planted and allowed to grow for 10 years. The number of cars removed from the road assumes national averages of 23.96 mpg and 13.476 miles driven per year.
Cut your carbon footprint by
36.4 tons
CO2 annually
It’s like planting
856 trees
It’s like
6.9 cars
off the road

Will Solar Work For You?

Find Out in 5 Simple Steps

Evaluate Your Home Energy Use

The number of solar panels you’ll need depends on the amount of energy you use. Estimate how big your solar array will need to be.

  • 8 Panels(2 kW system)
  • 20 Panels(5 kW system)
  • 32 Panels(8 kW system)
Know Your Solar System Size

You’re thinking solar, so let’s assume you’re ahead of the energy curve and already have high-efficiency bulbs and appliances in your home. Now let’s check out your energy use to find out approximately what size solar system will meet your needs.

How many people live in your home?
How many energy-efficient lights do you have?
How many TVs?
How often each week do you run washer / dryer / dishwasher?
How many air conditioners?
  • 8 Panels(2 kW system)
  • 20 Panels(5 kW system)
  • 32 Panels(8 kW system)