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At Let’s Go Solar, we’re here to make the solar industry more transparent. We answer the questions that so many others hedge: How much does a solar panel cost? How big will your solar system need to be? What are all the underlying costs involved?

While much of the energy economy runs on keeping the conversation vague and complex, we give you basic lay-of-the-land answers so you can ask the right questions moving forward. Whether you’re simply testing the waters of going solar or you’re delving into more complex topics like financing options and state policies, we provide actionable expert insights to help you make the smart solar decision for your home.

Here’s what Let’s Go Solar offers: Step-by-step solar instructions. Explanations on all facets of solar through understandable charts, checklists, quizzes and state-specific scenarios. Advice from long-time industry experts. And lots of resources to help you drill down to get your solar questions answered.

We want you to feel confident about finding the best solar solution for your home.

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    Alex DodanGraphic Design

    A self-taught designer, Alex began his career with freelance projects for an international clientele. He specializes in attractive, interactive web design. With a Bachelor in Tourism Management, Alex now wants to travel the world.

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    Greg HamlinData Analytics

    Greg has worked in the world of digital media since 2007. Before joining Let’s Go Solar, he managed marketing campaigns for international brands. With a passion for data, Greg enjoys working in teams to overcome challenges and achieves common goals.

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    Brian Beffort

    Brian has a Master’s degree in Journalism and decades of experience writing about environmental issues and working with environmental nonprofits. He is currently a Master’s candidate in Sustainability and Environmental Management with Harvard University’s Extension School.

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    Michael Hoffman

    With degrees from University of California at Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara College of Law, Michael started his career as a Los Angeles lawyer. He now works as a freelance journalist covering renewable energy, education, technology and law.

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    Shannon Lee

    Shannon Lee is a freelance writer and occasional novelist with a serious weakness for real estate. She has a love of old houses, as well as an affinity for saving money – combine those passions and you’ve got a die-hard restoration fan who likes to sneak energy-efficiency into the mix. She lives in the Pennsylvania woods.

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    Catherine Leon

    Catherine earned her bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Spanish Literature from the University of Nevada, Reno. For more than a decade, she’s put her research and writing skills to use working at non-profit agencies in the Reno, Nevada, area, including Black Rock Solar where she taught students about the science behind solar energy.  

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