With more than 200 sunny days throughout the year, Mississippi is an excellent contender for solar production. Yet, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the state jumped from ranking 43rd in the country for solar in 2018, to 29th in 2019. Today, Mississippi boasts more than 241 MWs of installed solar capacity and is on track to add 423 MWs over the next five years. Incentives and companies installing solar panels in Mississippi are increasing to meet demand; learn how to find them and why solar is a good bet.

Mississippi’s Solar
Report Card


To determine a grade for each state, our researchers and solar experts analyzed data on crucial solar-advancement criteria from the following sources:

We determined a rank from one to 10 for each state in each category. We then combined the scores with the following weights and assigned an overall grade for each state. Our goal is to encourage those considering solar for their homes to get a basic understanding of solar potential in their areas and discover the best opportunities for clean energy available.

Incentives & Rebates, 40%

Electricity Rate, 15%

Renewable Energy Policy, 30%

Interconnection Ease, 5%

Photovoltaic Potential, 10%

The Expense of Electricity in Mississippi

Residential electricity prices average a little under $0.12 cents per kWh. The rate is less than the national average and places Mississippi 42nd in the nation for its low energy costs. The majority of Mississippi’s electricity is generated by natural gas-fired and nuclear power plants, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Wood and wood-waste accounted for nearly all of the state’s 2.7 percent of electricity generated from renewables. As recently as 2017, Renewable resources, including solar, simply did not play a strong part in Mississippi’s energy portfolio, but that is bound to change as solar continues to grow in popularity in the state.

Cost of Residential Electricity

Data from U.S. Energy Information Administration
*as of Q3 2015

Mississippi Resources
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Solar Policies & Incentives in Mississippi

Mississippi 29th in the nation for installed solar, but as of just five years ago, it ranked last. While it’s made major inroads, the state still lacks solar policies and incentives that encourage the adoption of solar. DSIRE, a U.S. Department of Energy database that contains a comprehensive source of incentive and policy information for renewables and energy efficiency, lists only four different incentives and policies for the entire state. Mississippi, unlike many other states, also lacks a renewable portfolio standard. Nevertheless, residents are taking the initiative to install rooftop panels, recognizing the solar energy potential of the state.


TVA – Green Power Providers

The Tennessee Valley Authority allows commercial and residential property owners in Mississippi to receive an incentive of $1,000 when they install a PV system to their property. Additionally, customers can receive $0.02/kWh. To qualify, systems must be between 0.5 kW and 50 kW.

None for residential specifically

None for commercial specifically


Net Metering

The Mississippi Public Utilities Commission established this rule in 2015 to allow residential and commercial property owners with PV systems to receive credits on their bill for generating solar energy in the state. Residential customers must have a system with a capacity of no more than 20 kW (DC), while the maximum capacity for commercial customers is 2 MW (DC).


Mississippi’s interconnection regulation allows those with PV systems of up to 2 MW to connect to the power grid. Utility companies can charge up to $50 plus $1 per kW for systems that must be modified to meet the capacity standards.

None for residential specifically

None for commercial specifically


None for residential/commercial specifically

None for residential specifically

None for commercial specifically


None for residential/commercial specifically

None for residential specifically

None for commercial specifically

Mississippi Installation Companies

Mississippi Solar LLC

As Mississippi’s main solar contractor, Mississippi Solar provides locals with design, installation, and maintenance of solar panel systems. Their installations with battery-based backup power promise reliable power even when the grid is down.

Where it operatesCarthage, MS

Year of opening2008

Solar Panel Resources in Mississippi

Mississippi Public Service Commission

Find information on the electricity and other utility rates and their regulations by the Mississippi government.

Mississippi State Legislature

Keep up with current and pending legislatures and legislative issues regarding solar and other energy in the state. Contact local legislators.

Mississippi Energy Development Office

Learn about government programs, policies, energy-related statistics and energy-saving strategies.

DSIRE Incentives Database – Mississippi

Explore the public database of federal and state incentives, programs, policies, and other initiatives regarding solar in Mississippi.

U.S. Energy Information Administration – Mississippi State Profile

Track the latest statistics for Mississippi’s consumption, production, and pricing of energy.