Wyoming is slow to get on the solar train and currently ranks 36th nationally for solar capacity installed as of 2019, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. The state has has invested $115 million in solar, hoping to get alternative energy off the ground. With the low cost of installing solar panels and favorable levels of sunlight, the trend towards solar could grow.

Wyoming’s Solar
Report Card


To determine a grade for each state, our researchers and solar experts analyzed data on crucial solar-advancement criteria from the following sources:

We determined a rank from one to 10 for each state in each category. We then combined the scores with the following weights and assigned an overall grade for each state. Our goal is to encourage those considering solar for their homes to get a basic understanding of solar potential in their areas and discover the best opportunities for clean energy available.

Incentives & Rebates, 40%

Electricity Rate, 15%

Renewable Energy Policy, 30%

Interconnection Ease, 5%

Photovoltaic Potential, 10%

How Expensive is Electricity in Wyoming?

Part of the resistance to go solar in Wyoming could have to do with the reasonable electricity costs in the state. In the third quarter of 2019, residential prices hovered around $0.12 per kWh, which is close to the national average. Prices have increased in recent years, from $0.09 per kWh in 2011. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that the vast majority of the state’s net electricity generation comes from coal.

Cost of Residential Electricity

Data from U.S. Energy Information Administration
*as of Q3 2015

Wyoming Solar:
Library of Resources

Solar Policies & Incentives in Wyoming

Wyoming electric utilities are required to provide net metering. Beyond that incentive, there are no other programs that promote renewable energy in the state. Unlike many other states, Wyoming has not adopted a renewable portfolio standard with goals toward increasing usage of renewable energy sources. However, this is not surprising considering that Wyoming is the top coal-producing state in the nation and has large fossil fuel resources, according to the EIA. And while it continues to increase the amount of wind power it produces, there are few incentives for residents to adopt solar power.



Interconnection Standards and Guidelines

State law created interconnection standards for alternative and renewable energy generators up to 25 kW in capacity.

Net Metering

Requires net metering to be provided by electric utilities for renewable energy generators up to 25 kW along with credits per kWh for excess electricity generation.

None for residential specifically

None for commercial specifically



Wyoming Companies, Contractors & Installers

With limited demand, there are only a few companies in Wyoming offering solar services.

Creative Energies

Creative Energies operates in eight states and has been providing renewable energy services for 16 years.

Where it operatesLander, WY

Year of opening2000

Green Steps

Green Steps services the entire state of Wyoming to install solar and wind systems and perform energy auditing.

Where it operatesBuffalo, WY

Year of opening2009

Harmony Heating and Solar

Harmony provides solar hot water, geothermal and solar energy analysis, insulation and more.

Where it operatesLaramie, WY

Year of opening2005

Wyoming Solar Panel Resources

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